Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital firms

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Stock Market But Were Too Afraid To Ask: "A private equity company invests in the stock of a company, often with the intention to later sell or raise the stock price over time as a part of a fund it constructs for its own investors. It also buys public companies and takes them private, and buys private companies and takes them public. A hedge fund, while similar, requires investors be accredited and has access to what are often even more exclusive investments than any other sector. Because of the nature of hedge funds operating in high level investments with a large amount of money, it is more difficult to get your money out of a hedge fund. They are more illiquid investment vehicles for highly sophisticated investors. Venture Capital firms focus on startups and provide early investment in what are usually higher risk entities than average stocks and private equity opportunities due to the embryonic nature of the companies they are funding...." (read more at the link above)

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