Hiding in Plain Sight, SEC Form D filings

Due Diligence my friends --

How Twitter's largest outside investor tricked me - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blogTerm Sheet: "He said it was an old trick he had learned during his Google days, when scoping out locations for the company's first large data centers. Find the most pedestrian-sounding names in the hopes that no one would take a second look. Each day I skim the latest SEC Form D filings. And there's a 99% chance that I saw both Institutional Associates Fund LLC and Compliance Matter Services LLC, without choosing to click on either one. Particularly galling is that the new SEC reporting requirements forced Sacca to reveal all of this in IAPD filings, but I never thought to look at those either (despite the rumors of his Twitter-related fundraising prowess). So I tip my cap to the man who tricked me. And vow to not let it happen again (although, for all I know, he's doing it as I write this)."

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